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January 14, 2014
Posted at 9:23 pm
Updated: January 14, 2014 - 9:30 pm

All right folks, there should be two new short stories coming your way this week, possibly into this weekend, depending on how work goes this week. The first is the introduction of a new Universe called Pan-Deia in the story The Arrogance of Empire. This is not going to be a happy story. There is no trick happy ending. What you see in the first quarter of the story is what you get throughout the entirety. This is a tragedy from beginning to end so try not to get too upset, since I have warned you. It is also written in an unconventional style as more a jog through one character's (for the most part) memories as he heads towards the end.

The second story is one many of you have e-mailed me about over the last two years and change that it has languished Incomplete and Inactive. I will, by the weekend at least, have finished The Death of Love in Morristown. This one is a story that takes place between the third and fourth to last paragraphs of Death and Love in Marjah. It was meant to wrap up a loose end or two, nothing more. So please, please don't ask for another one! This one was agony to write (thus the long lag time between Parts I & II and the final parts) and DaLiM was meant to be a stand alone story, complete in itself. After that I will get back to work on the next chapters of Future Distorted and Anomaly of the Fates and maybe even a few short stories that have languished with TDoLiM on the incomplete shelf.

There is a third story I have titled A Match Made in the Hindu Kush that I am in the middle of transcribing from chicken scratch to English. It is fairly long (though still a short story) so the conversion process may take a while. It will go in the Magic at War Universe and is about a sniper on a mission in Afghanistan. That is all I will say about that but I hope to have that one up soon, too.

That is all for now. Check back in a couple days for news on those postings.