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Flubbery Fixed, and other things.

January 12, 2014
Posted at 7:37 am

My bit of flubbery has been fixed, per an edit on the end of Chapter Three. It's not a major change, but the continuity is now appropriate. This should be (fingers crossed) the biggest oversight in editing I make for a pretty long while. Again, big thanks to those who pointed it out, and thanks to those who have been patient with the fix.

In other news, writing goes well on the next few chapters, and I should have Chapter Five up around my usual Friday morning update.

I'm also considering posting a non-erotic sci-fi/fantasy story I've been working on. If I did so, it would be updated muuuch more slowly and infrequently, as I am maintaining my primary focus on DarkFyre at this time. But it's something I've been working at and writing and re-writing for quite literally years, and I've thought about posting to get some feedback and insight on reader reception of this most recent version. If anyone's interested, drop me a note, and it very well may go up for awhile.

Aside from that, more DarkFyre will be on the way in a few days! Woot!