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flubbery flubbyness of flubitude

January 10, 2014
Posted at 4:16 pm

Ok so, some of you will (or already have) notice the continuity break between chapter 3 and the later part of Chapter 4. The egomaniac part of me is kinda tempted to play this off. 'Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I did some editing and switching stuff around, really inentionally, I just totally didn't edit up the other chapter yet, thus a glaringly obvious mistake, only its not a mistake, it was super intentional'.

Buuuut that would just be my ego talking. And it'd be total bullshit. Truth is I moved some shit around, was caught up in writing mode when I needed to be in editor mode, and fuckered stuff up.

The very last bit of Chapter 3 will be edited for continuity asap (tonight). For those who don't feel the need to read back, disregard the last paragraph and you'll pretty much be good to go.

My sincere appologies to those who will be annoyed or perterbed by my poor editing, and my thanks for everyone's patience! An especially big thanks to those readers who pointed out my blunder. Thank you all for bearing with me!