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Coming attractions

January 10, 2014
Posted at 1:24 am

DarkFyre Chapter Four is submitted and awaiting posting. Woot Woot.

So I've received a touch of criticism in some feedback after Chapter Three. Being that the criticism was "Longer Chapters Please", I'm taking this in my pseudo-narcissistic mind to mean that people are digging what they're reading and really want more of what they're digging, as opposed to my stuff just being way too short.

Yeah. That's it. Really.

I have heard the outcrying for longer chapters, and obliged. Sort of.

Here's the thing. I'm really enjoying my writing pace right now. I'm putting out a chapter a week, pretty much to the day. This is pretty fucking good, for me, considering I have a history of lagging behind and taking breaks between writing sessions, and am dealing with a damn full plate in my day to day life. Part of the reason I've been able to keep that trend up, and stay consistent, is because I write my chapters out to a length that feels comfortable and doable to my writing time during said week. Sometimes it's a bit more. Sometimes it's a bit less. I don't really gauge it to a particular page or word count, just on what feels natural and right for that span of writing.

That being said, I can pretty much guarantee that my chapters, in general, will be picking up in length from here on. There will be some shorter chapters at times, yes, but on average? They should be a bit meatier.

This chapter departs a bit from the format I set before now, in that it follows both central characters. It should be noted that I didn't really intend to follow the back and forth format the way it has been progressing, it just kind of fell out that way. Hope the change is not too jarring, but then again I'm pretty sure you're all gonna be distracted with other stuff to pay much mind...

In other news, I've been tinkering around with some ideas for some short fiction (read: stroke stories) to write, but am somewhat hesitant to switch horses right now while DarkFyre is still going fresh and strong.

I wouldn't mind a bit of reader weigh-in on which you'd rather, some new stuff or focus kept to DarkFyre.

I might even listen to it :P

Enjoy the new chapter! Once it's live, and all.