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January 9, 2014
Posted at 5:44 pm

My new story is finally finished -- submitted on Christmas Day, as a nice little smutty present for all of you. This started out as an attempt to do an erotic horror story that wasn't just "i fukd a vampire spooky", but of course it ended up being mostly gooey smut. I'm good at coming up with story outlines full of depravity (I have one about a newlywed getting possessed by his abusive father-in-law that will probably never see the light of day), but when I get right down to it I just don't want to put misery in my porn. (Now, my academic writing, on the other hand...)

I think it turned out okay, and I feel as though I'm finally writing the kind of sex scenes that I want to write. You can feel free to disagree, of course.

Next up is the sixth chapter of Not Alone, which ends in a shocking cliffhanger that will not be followed up for another six months. Thrill to it!