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Excuses have no meaning.

January 7, 2014
Posted at 5:43 pm

I was going to give a list of excuses and reasons why I have slowed production on my Lady in Red series, but who cares about that crap? I am working on the last chapter of the first book. Once I post that, I will try to get ahead of the story again before I go into Book Two, which will be great. (At least my mom says it will.) I have no intention of giving up on this story. (Although many have begged me to do just that!) The last chapter of book one will be a long one. It will begin to set up the amazing future these two kids and their friends will experience. I know that some readers have tired of my saga, but there are some that are still with me and I appreciate it very much.

The truth is that I see it as something I will leave for people to read for years to come. They will not be waiting for chapters. They will have the ability to read it all in a sitting, a chapter a day, or skip the whole damn thing. It really doesn't matter very much in the big picture. I just ask those of you that do enjoy the story, take the time to write to me and let me know. It is always appreciated and keeps me trying to entertain the readers. Thanks to all and have a great 2014!