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Future's Path, Writing Update #5

January 6, 2014
Posted at 7:22 am

I am pleased to report that the next time I update here, it should be to announce that I'm ready to begin posting the revised and completed Future's Path. I have a bit more scribbling to do before the rough draft is finished, and then I'll need to check each chapter for plot holes and such. Right now, my goal is to begin posting FP chapters by the end of this month.

My thanks to all the kind individuals who have written me with encouraging words both before and during the writing process. I don't think I would've believed anyone who told me that interest in FP would continue for more than six years, especially being unfinished, but the fact that it has is very gratifying.

Other authors on SOL have recommended that when I do start posting chapters, I give readers access to roughly ten thousand words at a time. I've decided to go ahead with this recommendation, and am planning to have four major posts once the story is ready to go up. If you've read FP previously, don't feel as though this leaves you out. Although the plot has remained basically unchanged, I have added content throughout, and think the story is better for it.

As always, your feedback is welcome.