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Voting on the House of Samuelson

January 5, 2014
Posted at 6:31 pm

Since posting House of Samuelson, I have gotten some feedback that made me change the voting on the non-story as well as changing the description. Apparently it irked some that it was not a story despite the fact that if you read the description and the end note it indicated that this is not really a story but more a very long appendix to the Xeuxondra Universe. There are stories within some of the clan headings, but it is not a coherent, put-together story in the traditional sense. That is why I described it as a history.
So, the voting option has been removed for House of Samuelson and a very plain warning that it THIS NOT A STORY! placed in the description. Since some people did find it interesting, I will leave it up for those who care to look it over. For those upset that I wasted your time and energy with it, my apologies but I am apparently not alone in finding such things fascinating.