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January 3, 2014
Posted at 4:39 am

At the suggestion of some readers, I'm putting my comments and musings here instead of the end of my chapter for ease of access and less distraction.

Chapter Three of DarkFyre has been submitted and is waiting to be posted. There's a bit more naughtiness in this one, though I won't go ruining anything.

I wanna address one thing. There's some content in this chapter (not going to go into too much spoiler detail, but it's addressed in the updated tags, so it shouldn't be a shock) that may be off-putting to some readers. It's there because, in my opinion, it's realistic for the setting and times. Things were different back then. Or over there. Whatever.

So if you're one of the readers that finds that particular code off-putting, there's an alternate version (some other places I've put it up don't allow that code). If you want to go with said alternate version instead, please let me know and I can either link you to said alternate version, or just send the file if preferred.

Well now that all that's out of the way...

I hope everyone enjoys the next chapter! Thank you muchly to all the awesome people who have left me so much encouraging feedback! Feedback is definitely something that drives me to keep writing.

I am doing my best to put out a chapter a week, but that may slow down at some point, depending on how the evils of Life come at me. For now though, I'm on track for it, so enjoy the new chapter and look out for more to come!