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Hi folks

December 24, 2013
Posted at 8:22 am

Seasons Greetings to all who care.

I was hoping to have posted another story or two by now. I must assure everyone that I have been working on three (supposedly) short stories of late.

(Yeah yeah, I know; I've got some proofreaders out there will be asking "How-come you haven't got around to finishing any of these bleeding novellas we've worked so hard on? I'll get back to the buggers before long I promise!)

Anyway, like everything I write, these three short tales appear to be doing a "Maisy" on me and are growing into yarns that I didn't intend to write.

(I've no idea where that saying came from by the way. I might even have it wrong. But somewhere in the back of my mind I recall the line "Maisy just grow'd and grow'd!" Mind you, it could-well have been Daisy who did all the growing, I'm getting too bloody old to remember anything in detail nowadays. If by any-chance anyone else recalls what poem or song or children's story that line comes from, put this old fart out of his misery will you; please?)

Whatever, time and temperament have conspired to prevent me achieving my goal of posting something new.

Yeah well, it only needs one of those slimy-gits to appear on the TV news and my blood starts to boil and then I'm not in the mood to write anything but hate mail!

Can you believe those buggers? "Oh, we don't want a pay-rise honestly; but the decision to give it to us is completely out of our hands!" Jesus, if chancellor can put a pay freeze/limit on civil servants pay, how come he can't do the same for MP's? The answer is, that all politicians talk bullshit!

Shit, how did I get onto politics? I must be getting old.

Whatever, enjoy the holiday everyone and I'll try to "get my arse in gear" in 2014.