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What is Hate

December 22, 2013
Posted at 11:01 pm

What is hate? I know that someone posted some comment about too much hate but what is hate?
Does a wife who is recently married and then fucks her boss hate or love her husband?
Does a wife who becomes a whore for her boss for some Jimmy Choo shoes and Gucci bags and Versace clothes hate or love her husband?
Does a wife who breeds two bastards with that same boss love or hate the husband she never has any kids with?
Does a wife, who knows she is dying, write a letter to her husband talking about being in love with her boss and being his breeding slut, love or hate her husband?
Does a writer who publishes a story with the above and then adds that the husband accepts his cuckold place and even gives his children to the hands of the boss over time, write love or hate?
Does a writer who then lets the bull boss interfere with his new marriage, even taking care of something as intimate as honeymoon plans, hate or love the husband by turning him into a spineless wimp; and is he writing love or hate?
In my mind allowing evil to prosper is hate and allowing cheating to such an extent is preaching hate and rewarding abominable conduct without calling it what it is, is in itself preaching the rewards of hate and evil.
No, I write retribution. I punish evil and reward good. At times I am over the top but the good do not suffer long at my hands if at all and the evil and wrongdoer never prospers.
If you want to see the difference, read my "she never chose us" then read "she chose me" and think, which one really writes evil and hate and which writes about real love, and punishment for the wrongdoer.
Merry Christmas everyone.