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This is fun!

December 22, 2013
Posted at 10:08 pm

I've been getting lots of comments, most are favorable, many are constructive, but a few have been derogatory, the latter coming from readers who thought I (and Handyman) was ripping off one of the best writers on the site! But no way either of us would do that! No, we went into this with Oyster's blessing and permission (as we've all said in various places, and no, we are not in competition with each other to see who can write the "best" story! And one reader wondered if I was posting *both* stories! Not even! I can barely keep up with this one!
But as I said, there *have* been constructive and corrective comments, and I appreciate them all, and When I figure out how to go back in and edit/correct previous chapters I'll try to do that.
One common complaint is that my chapters have been a tad short. I hope this last one (ch 10)is a start toward correcting that.
Let it suffice to say I'll never again be impatient with any author I'm following! I honestly do not know how you all keep up with even one story, let alone multiples! I'm retired, and I *still* don't really have the time to do that!
Merry Christmas!