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More on Pups-R-Us

December 22, 2013
Posted at 2:25 am

The response from this story has amazed me. There was a lot more positive response than I expected. I figured that I would be lucky to get many good votes, and, to my surprise, I got an amazing number of 10s. However, I have also received more votes of 1, 2, and 3 than I normally see, so it was obvious that not everybody was happy.

I do wonder how many of those low votes were made because of the story itself and how many were cast from just the concept of the story. This story does have only about 50% of the number of downloads that I am used to, so maybe that was where a lot of the low votes went. Oh, well, I did have fun writing the story, and some people apparently liked it, so I really don't have room for complaint. Maybe I will write another one like it sometime.