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A new story

December 21, 2013
Posted at 7:14 am

I've submitted a multi-chapter tale. Multi- meaning 7 so far. Forgive me if the chapters or formatting get weird. Chapters will be added. I hope to get that part right, too. If not, I'll fix it.

Assuming, of course, it doesn't make the kind moderators crazy trying to figure it out, and they allow it to be posted.

Disclaimer 1: No systems troubleshooters were harmed in the making of this story, but they might have been misrepresented, in a good way.
Disclaimer 2: Actual lingerie was tortured, abused and stained in the making of this story. Any and all textile anguish is intentional and in violation of several fashion conventions.
Disclaimer 3: Any similarity to any actual person or persons living or dead or undead is accidental and unintended. But if there is a similarity to an actual person or persons, they should consider themselves extremely lucky, so keep it to yourselves.
Disclaimer 4: All stunts were performed by professionals on a closed course. trying these stunts at home would attract the wrong kind of attention. Don't even think about it.