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Thoughts on the last few chapters, plus a posting update

December 21, 2013
Posted at 1:15 am

Chapters 61 through 63 of LiaB, as I knew they would, generated quite a strong response from you, the readers. Certainly, there's nothing like a little conflict to liven up a story. It was more than that, however.

The aim of that Victor sequence was simply to create a challenge for Pat and Inez. Up to that point, their relationship had been smooth sailing, although they had faced a few external challenges. As Narrator Pat told you, it was kind of a "perfect storm" situation. Put another way, it was rather contrived. But this is fiction, after all, where "contrived" is often a normal state of affairs.

All of the characters in this story have flaws. The Inez in the current timeline is beautiful, intelligent and sweet ... BUT she is also very insecure, way too trusting, and is loyal to a fault to her family members. You might expect that those qualities caused the Inez in the other timeline to self-destruct. Pat, meanwhile, tends to dwell so much on minutiae that he ignores the big picture. (That, of course, is the main reason why many of you readers find him so frustrating.) And along comes Victor, who is both smart enough to figure out the weak points of both of them, and ruthless enough to take full advantage of them.

It's important to note that Pat and Inez's relationship was never in danger. I might have given that impression when I dropped that big cliff-hanger on you at the end of chapter 62, with Pat's explosion. (I admit it: I have a thing for cliff-hangers.) However, I was quite happy to see that the reaction to chapter 63 was every bit as positive as the reaction to chapter 62 was negative.

On another note, I posted not too long ago that I planned to take a six-week hiatus from writing at the end of the year. I'll now back off from that, but only by a minute amount. What I'm trying to say is that if indeed there are any updates to LiaB over the next six to eight weeks, they'll be few and far between. I can't promise anything. In early February, I expect to resume posting new chapters at the same pace I've (more or less) maintained up till now. The story has roughly 20 chapters to go, so we're about to enter the homestretch.

Happy Holidays!