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Béla Book 8: Second Chances

December 19, 2013
Posted at 6:26 pm

I began Book 8 a couple of weeks ago, with part 1 - Murielle & Miranda written years ago for the now defunct WorldGroups site, while part 2 is new, never before released - not even written until just a few weeks ago. I also renamed Book 8 so that the complete title now reads 'Béla Book 8: Second Chances', so as to not mix that title up with any other stories on this site. While I was at it, I renamed ALL the stories to begin with 'Béla Book #: (title), so the sequence can be kept straight. Hope that helps. Note: The next few chapters of Part 2 - Tia & Tara will come more slowly, as I've caught up with what I'd written previously, and now need to create each chapter as it comes to me. (Need more Jacuzzi time to commune with my muse, Jupiter, who is high in the midnight sky these days.)