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some good news!

December 7, 2013
Posted at 12:11 pm

The surgery was a success on Tuesday. The kidney posed no problems and the Dr. was able to get all of it. He told me the tumor was almost the size of a grapefruit. Gawd do I hate grapefruits.LOL
The colon was another story altogether. When they got inside they found not just colon but colon and rectal cancer. Have a new scare that runs from basically my pecker up to the bottom of my rib cage. New definitions for painful.
They took out the IV today and will start me on soft light food such as mashed potatoes. Was up and walking down the hall, never realized 50 feet could be so far.
All test have been completed and as of right now I am cancer free.
To everyone who has sent their well wishes and prayers, I say thank you. The support I have received from everyone here is overwhelming. It is impossible not to have a good attitude when you have so many pulling for you.
Again, thank you to each and every one I would respond individually but it still takes a bit out of me to do this. Blessed be and hopefully soon we will be back with John,Kathy and Morgan. Old Trucker