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Rewrites and Re-rewrites

November 19, 2013
Posted at 1:46 am

Progress report: Finally re-posted corrected chapters 1-3.
Chapter 7 underway. Getting long though, probably going to be the longest yet. Had some indecision how to write upcoming scene. (Mind readers make POV a tricky thing.) As always thanks for the encouraging feedback, I'm glad to know others enjoy these characters and/or this universe as much as I do. With as much going on in the story, I'm having trouble deciding what to gloss over and what to explain. Because I do intend to tell other stories in this setting, I have to juggle things a bit to set story lines in motion without a lot of irrelevant plot wandering. (Tough for me I get distracted IRL so....) Anyway ch.7 is in the oven and will be hot and fresh soon.