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Three chapters coming quickly

November 15, 2013
Posted at 12:39 am

With chapter 60 having been posted, I've now reached the point in the story I mentioned earlier. Not the fast-forward point - that's still several chapters away. I'm talking about the point where I have pre-written chapters available and ready to go. It's challenging to segue smoothly into material you've written ahead of time; hopefully, I pulled it off.

Here's a very rough posting schedule. Look for chapter 61 over the weekend. 62 should go up around the middle of next week, and you'll hopefully have 63 the following weekend.

Looking past chapter 63, I'll surely revert back to the pace I've maintained for the past few months - a chapter every week or 10 days. I do have one heads-up, though. I'll very likely be taking a break from writing of about six weeks in duration, from Christmas through the beginning of February. I've got some real-time things to attend to. After that, I'll come back and attack the rest of the story. I should have about fifteen chapters left at that point.