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Low Scores and writing

November 14, 2013
Posted at 11:58 am

I've noticed a number of author's blogs recently talking about low scores. While I haven't posted much at all recently, I did notice that the latest chapters added to "Blackmail" engendered some low scoring, enough to move the total down about 0.04.

Now, the story doesn't have all that many votes to begin with, so I realize that a couple of low scores will move the average more than a couple low scores would move the average for one of Lazlo's stories. On the other hand, the people that bothered to drop me a note didn't express criticisms of the story.

I guess the question is- are people giving low scores generally across the site, and we as authors should expect that, or is there some dissatisfaction with the way the story is going (aside from VERY slowly, OK?)?

All that said, I write for the fun of it. I don't write to try to get high scores, I just want to try to spin a tale that people will have fun reading. I DO read and answer all mail, and I DO take the criticisms that I receive seriously. I DON'T normally make changes to the plot or characters to try to please people, but I will try to fix obvious errors in continuity or plot.

My typing is not perfect, and at present I'm not using an editor, so there will be mistakes in spelling and punctuation. I know that this drives some people up the wall, and I apologize, but I'm NOT going to spend the little time I have to write going back over what I've already posted and making dozens of little fiddling corrections.

Again- to all readers. If you assign a low score to my writing, that's up to you. I like to see high scores, but I'm not going to break out the cyanide and noose if I don't get them.

I would like it if you'd take the time to drop me a short note of explanation, so that I can take your views into consideration as I move forward. If you like the story, or what I'm doing, I'd like to hear that, too.

I DO read all my mail and reply to it- it may take a while, as I'm pretty busy.

Finally, I extend sincere thanks to those readers who put up with my sporadic postings and keep on reading. I truly appreciate you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may the Holidays be good to you.