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November 13, 2013
Posted at 5:14 pm

This is the title of the next story that I plan to post. I am commenting now because the limitations put on the length of the blurb about a new story don't leave me room for an explanation.

The story is a complete departure from anything that I have written before because it is a story about bestiality. Specifically, it is about women and dogs and sex. To me, this is a pure masturbation theme because there is no way for the women to become pregnant. In no place within the story does a woman fuck anything but a dog. In fact, the only men in the story are purely peripheral, and, as my wife says, this is a story about feminists.

The story is moderately long for me, 14 chapters, and I wonder how many will hang in until the end. I plan to allow voting on this story so that I can get some idea of how well readers like this kind of story.

Also, I will probably get complaints that I ended the story abruptly and not properly, but my wife advised me to stop where I did instead of dragging out the story unnecessarily. I'll let my readers decide that.

In essence, this story is an experiment to see what kind of reception it gets. If it is popular, I will write more; otherwise, this will end my work on this type of story. I wanted to write a story where nothing but good things happen to the protagonists instead of the stories I usually write where there is a lot of conflict.

I guess that I should say that I started this story to break a monumental case of writer's block, and it worked!