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Answer to request for the story

November 3, 2013
Posted at 4:12 pm

Hello everyone, I have been putting this off for a week and I can't keep putting it off.
The story will be finished you have my word on that.
However, it may take a bit of time. Long story short, I have been having some issues and finally went to the doctor. On Monday got the news I have colon cancer, on Tuesday got the even happier news I also have kidney cancer. Now we are waiting on the doctors to get together and figure out which golf days they all have off so the can operate on me. I think one of them is holding out for a new BMW, not sure though.
Anyway, between certain aches and pains and nerves waiting on test results and such, not in a mood to write much of any thing.
Please be patient,I will return to John and Kathy as soon as I can.
Old Trucker