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November 2, 2013
Posted at 12:49 pm
Updated: November 2, 2013 - 12:50 pm

One of the things I like to do is play with words, as an artist uses brushes to paint a scene on canvas, I try to use words to paint a scene in peoples minds, to try and involve them in the characters.
The success, or otherwise is for you to judge, not me, some stories seem more popular than others though again the why of it or the reasons for the votes remains somewhat obscure, certainly the highest ranking story 'Geek' is a personal favourite of mine, though it's not the story that I had the most fun writing which was 'Emma' closely followed by 'A New Approach'
Yet there are some words I'm not comfortable with and do not use them in certain contexts. I never use 'cunt' as a description of the female sexual organs. This is mostly to do with my upbringing where the 'c' word is grossly offensive to the ladies in my life and is only used as a term of extreme abuse when aimed at males who do not abide by the rules of civilised behaviour.
Yet being an avid reader (of all types of work, not just erotica) it's not for me to judge a story or the author by his/her use of the word, a good story simply being that, a good story. Same with grammar and spelling, meaning is everything, if I can understand it and enjoy it, then the breaking of the rules isn't a major issue with me.
Still, at last I've come to use a proofreader and editor and he (Spin) has at least opened my eyes to some of the flaws in my tales and has offered to re-edit all my stories over the coming months.
Anyway I'll end this random scribbling for now and get back to writing another tale...
Wherever it may take me.