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This is impossible.

November 1, 2013
Posted at 10:43 am

(This should have been posted in September, 2013)

This isn't working. The various authors have absolutely no incentive for compromise. Do I need to point out that we do this for free, as a hobby? None of us get paid to write. Okay, some of us get paid to write -I'm writing technical instructions for my employer right now- but none of us are getting paid to write Swarm stories. There is no supervisor holding a paycheck saying "get along or else".
Many of the authors are willing to work towards a group concensus, but every one of them is an author in his own right, and every one of them has their own sacred cow which must be worshipped. This is not a difficult task, it is by definition impossible. It is not even theoretically possible to get group concensus on everything we need. As I put in a FAQ for the author's list, there is an arbiter available, but we don't want to go there if we can avoid it. The Thinking Horndog owns this story system, and he is the last word on how we do things. However, we want to be big boys here. We don't want to annoy him without good reason. He can use tweezers, but he can also use an axe....