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IC is on hold

November 1, 2013
Posted at 10:27 am

(This should have been posted in April, 2013. At this point I was positive that I should have started a blog earlier. This stuff would have been a lot easier.)

There is too much story-series background, what we call the "Swarm Cycle Canon", that is unknown for me to finish this story right now. When I ask the author's group about something, I often get a useful reply that I can put to work, and I move on.
Unfortunately, this is not always true. More and more, when I ask how something works or _should_ work, I get three different answers, any one of which is usable, and the discussion devolves into an argument. Every viewpoint is supported by previously-published stories. No matter what I write, I will violate something said in a previous story.
Not that the reader cares what my problem is, you just want to know when chapter 4 is coming out. The straight answer is "I don't know. I am putting IC on hold while we figure out what is going to be canon."

Did anyone notice that my previous blog entry said 2012 instead of 2013? I have this stuff written, I'm just trying to figure out a way to post it all on a continuing blog without looking like an idiot for not doing it when I should have.