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Independent Command

November 1, 2013
Posted at 10:03 am

(This should have been posted in December, 2012, when I started posting Independent Command)

I'm writing a story set in Thinking Horndog's shared "Swarm Cycle". I think I'm far enough along to start publishing it. No, it's not complete yet, but I should be able to finish it soon. I can't do the ending until I get more familiar with the Swarm universe, to make sure I don't say anything that doesn't fit. The original ending I had planned back when the it was HonorVerse fanfic will clearly not do.
I am sending each chapter through the Swarm Author's list to make sure everything I write is, if not exactly what they expect, is at least plausible and acceptable. While they are extremely helpful, they are all just as touchy as I am, and they all know that their individual view is the only correct one. This may take a while.