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Started posting next adventure

October 29, 2013
Posted at 2:42 am

This next book, Time Enough to Dream, is going to have several separate sections with each part following a different specific set of characters. Lisa will have her own story, as will the 'T' Twins and the 'M' twins. And (hopefully) when it's finally over, it will all come together. I've spent a few weeks working on Tia & Tara Simpson who get to meet their Uncle Buck, only to realize that this part will appear near the end of the story. I've also got most of the various chapters sorted out so that they can be presented as a whole, rather than jumping around from character to character, each with their own separate plot, so it should be a less confusing read.

I'll post a few chapters a week, similar to the way I posted the previous stories.

Happy reading,