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Further Notes.

October 17, 2013
Posted at 4:40 am

Many of the people in my stories are based on me or folks that I know. Mark, is of course heavily drawn from me, as are Frank, Danny, Ian, etc.

Ninve, Sandra, Nydia, Tamara, Jeanette, many others, also based on real folks. Yes, I do have a thing for curvy, cuddly babes. Yes, I'm a butt man. Yes, I like Assyrian women a lot, but who can blame me? I haven't met but one Assyrian woman in my life who wasn't jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, breathtakingly gorgeous. They've generally been fun to be around, too. At least I haven't. Then again, I also like Latinas and Filipinas a lot, but is that so shocking?

But, hell, who am I kidding? I like 'em all. Well, most kinds of women, anyway. Man-hating radical feministas I don't like so much, or entitled little shrews, either, or the women who call themselves "hot wives" and turn their husbands into cuckolds. Yeah, not fans of them. But generally, I do tend to favor the fair sex, though not exclusively, as I am very much bisexual.

Which leads to my other thing. In case you worried, don't....Ian will never go cuck. I promise you that. He has other women, and so does Des. She has two other men, or will. She is submissive to him, not to the other men. He is her master, not her slave. I don't do cuck stories. I respect my own sex too much to betray the brotherhood like that.

Yeah, yeah, I know, they have the right to write such stuff. This is true. I also have the right to read and write other things. My pen name has "gander" in it to represent the principle of "sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander." Meaning no double standards. I despise double standards and cuckolding. No thanks. So if there are ever "cuckolds" in my stories, you can bet that they will break free and their "hot wives" will pay, as will the "Bulls".

At least with forced cuckolding. I can't fathom voluntary cucks, but that's just me. To me, open marriage is just that: open for both man and wife. Anything else is hard to stomach.

Okay, enough beating on them. I know, I know. They're certainly entitled to their lifestyle, but I am entitled to my views on it.