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Future's Path, Writing Update #2

October 5, 2013
Posted at 10:23 pm

AKA, "I don't care how you format it, just write the damned thing!"

After editing chapters one through eight--a change in punctuation here, some new content there--I also decided to change how I indicated a dreamscape to the reader. Before, I just had the word "dreamscape" at the beginning of a scene, which although clear, was a touch too heavy-handed for me. So, I block quoted them instead, and will rely on that and language to clue in the reader. If your reading this after reading FP, let me know if it worked.

No worries though, I've been writing as well. Chapters nine and ten are complete, and the end is in sight. This will probably mean that the story will end up being significantly shorter than some readers might prefer, but as I believe I've mentioned here before, I'm not a fan of the seventy-three chapter epic. Sure, it's fun to be able to keep playing with your favorite characters for that length of time, but the actions they take tend to become just a bit predictable. In contrast, I prefer to plan out a story, present it to the reader without too many extraneous scenes, and then go on to something completely new. Of course, we all know how thoroughly my plans flopped in 2007, so perhaps I shouldn't become too arrogant about how well they'll work out this time.

My birthday's next week, and I plan to take a couple of days off work to celebrate. This will either, result in me leaping ahead of my projected schedule, or plummeting to a new low in productivity. Wish me luck!