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October 5, 2013
Posted at 2:28 pm

I have been working on a few things all at the same time lately, which means it is all progressing . . . slowly. I will probably be posting the next chapter of Future Distorted soon but it will be a transition chapter and thusly a short one. I also have a good bit of the next chapter of Anomaly of the Fates done so that one may be posted soon as well. I am also slowly working on a few new things, some of which will probably not be posted but published.

Among those that will probably eventually be posted are a fantasy story I haven't decided whether it is going to be high or low fantasy about a Land of Exiles where the criminal class rules. It is called The Lord of Dirks (a dirk being a type of knife, FYI) and focuses on the man in charge of the Land's assassins' guild and is seen mainly through the eyes of his friend and colleague, the Lord of Daggers. I may post the first chapter of this soon with the warning that new chapters will dribble out at a slow rate until Future Distorted and Anomaly of the Fates is completed.

Another is a contemporary urban fantasy story about a man from the inner city of North Jersey who grows up to be a bouncer in a strip club frequented by mafia types in New York City. He has a condition that gives him almost-orgasmic rushes when he gets angry and so he is sort of a rage junkie, something which his job as a bouncer lets him indulge. He also uses that condition, and his massive size, to deal out a bit of street justice now and then. It is tentatively titled Rage and I am not too far into that one yet, so it is a long way off until I decide what to do with it.

And a third new story is another epic fantasy novel set in a world of many races, including dragons and wyverns. It concerns an empire run by highly religious humans who find out shapeshifted wyverns (though they mistakenly think it was shapeshifted dragons) have been mating with humans, creating a new race called Dragosians. This sets them on the path to war with the dragonkin and the "abomination" of a race they sired. This one if called The Shattering of Faith.

As for things like sequels and publishing, I am also working on those. Justice Resurrected and Death and Love in Marjah fans who keep writing me are going to be disappointed to learn that those storylines are not on the list. Anything having to do with those stories is on hold until I clear my plate a little. I am working on editing the third book in the Chronicles of The Samuelson quartet and that is going fairly quickly. I have also started writing the fourth and final book, though I haven't been working too diligently on it due to the amount of other stuff on my plate. I have also been working slowly but steadily on the sequel to Enter the Darkness, though I am going to wait on posting any of those chapters until I have a few more written.

For now, that is all folks. Hope this update either explained what is going on with your particular favorite or gave you hope for future satiation of your yearning for your particular favorite. I will probably be posting that next chapter of Future Distorted soon, so keep an eye out for that.