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New Arcadia

September 24, 2013
Posted at 2:28 pm

This story comes, in part, from a comment that a reader made on Athalia's story "Mrs. Swinson's Summer Camp," which I had edited for her. The story was about an institution that taught young ladies how to pleasure themselves and learn about their bodies' sexual responses. In this story, the girls were taught these skills by their mothers and specially trained camp counselors. Athalia told me later that the reader had remarked about how young men could have benefited from such a learning experience as well. Her response was that boys didn't need it, since they were all familiar with masturbation from an early age; what they needed was not to encourage their libidos, but control them.

That got me thinking about how young people are introduced to sex, and "New Arcadia" is the result. Like Mrs. Swinson's establishment, it's strictly a fantasy; I know of no places that actually are like this, or even whether they could be. (Of course, if there were actually places like this, we wouldn't be hearing about them!) But I've created this space in my head and I'm inviting you to live in it for a while. Enjoy!