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Wonderful Readers of SOL

September 22, 2013
Posted at 4:07 pm

A while back I posted a blog about a hurtful email I received from some coward who sent me an anonymous message over one of my stories. Since then I've gotten some of the nicest emails from people here on this site that I wanted to take a moment and thank you all. I know some thought I was being a bit "thinned skinned" but my point was that if you are going to write me a message, positive or negative, be willing to hear my response.

To those who took the time to write either about the blog or one of my stories, I thank you all. For those who have made my stories the successful pieces they are, I thank you as well. I know I've been told it's my talent, but the truth is, my talent only goes so far. It's the readers who can make or break you. You guys & gals are the ones who make a writer like myself feel like a winner.

Thank you all for your support.