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Future's Path Revisited

September 17, 2013
Posted at 3:03 pm

I began writing Future's Path back in October of 2007. For me, it was an experiment on several levels. Could I successfully write and complete something which wasn't just a one off short story? Could I post updates in a halfway reliable manner? Was the storyline intricate enough to both attract readers and maintain my own interest?

I'd like to say one out of three's not bad, but let's be honest, I know it's pretty pathetic, especially considering the large number of great authors here who are able to manage all three successfully. The story does keep pulling me back however, almost as though Elena, and Gavin, and the others are pissed that I never bothered to finish telling it. So, almost six years later to the day, I've decided to give this project another shot.

I'm currently rereading the first eight chapters of FP that I originally posted on SOL, and editing where appropriate. So far, not much has changed, but it's early days yet, so no promises there. While rereading, I'm making notes for upcoming chapters, and am slowly filling in my outline. My current plan is to finish the editing process in the next couple of days, and be writing new content by the end of this week. Once I've managed to crank out two or three new chapters, I'll update here and let you know how it's going.

Finally, I apologize if you previously bookmarked FP, but after six years I figured that there wouldn't be many fans still hanging on, and opted for a fresh start. I know myself well enough to not try and post anything before the whole story is written this time, and so won't be launching the new Future's Path until the rough draft is completely finished.

As always, any feedback is welcome.