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Still alive

September 12, 2013
Posted at 8:41 am

Sadly, I buried another friend last month. He was 48. As more and more of my fellow Marines that served with me at the Bannister Federal complex die, I become more and more convinced that our government has lost the moral imperative to govern. They KNOW that that site was contaminated by (by their own count) over 1173 toxic chemicals. They KNOW that the only National Nuclear Emergency Response team call was for a systematic spill of highly radioactive, water soluble Promethium. And yet, publicly they deny any POSSIBILITY that there might be or ever has been a safety/health issue.
And wait for more of us to die. At last count, there were less than 200 of the nearly 4000 people that worked in that building in 1987 left alive. When the government is willing to lie and conspire to reduce its liability, is anyone safe?