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September 8, 2013
Posted at 3:04 pm

Hello SOL world. I apologize for my long absence. Maybe it was the summer that brought me down. I'm more of a winter girl and well winters are rare down south. Today is a rainy day and rainy days make me want to write. I owe my readers to at least finish up some of my stories, especially Gary & Ginger. This story will be finished, maybe not as quickly as some of would like to have it finished, but it will be finished.

I have completed Chapter 7 today. I'm thinking one more chapter will conclude this story. I've grown to love all the characters (even the evil ones) in this fantasy story of mine. Thank you for those that wrote me emails and encouraged me to keep writing. I do love to write. It's my passion in life. Nothing clears my mind or relaxes me more than writing. Getting lost in a story and creating interesting characters is such a fulfillment.

I also posted chapter 2 of Pictures of you. I'm working on Chapter 3 already. I can't guarantee how soon that'll be but all I know is that I'd really like to finish that story.

I'm knowing for writing mostly incest. I'd like to venture off to other types of writing. Perhaps Jessy19 will need to be put to sleep and a new pen name will be created. I wonder if my readers would be able to guess who I am when I re-invent myself. ;)