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Hi folks,

September 2, 2013
Posted at 12:57 pm

Been away a while but I hope I'm back now and I'm putting Tempus Frangit up on a couple of sites to prove it. Some people might have already read the yarn on Fine Stories though.

My apologies go to some readers who've written to me over the last few months. Regretfully I wasn't in a position to reply to them for a while and before was, my network had a nasty little visitor. I can't blame anyone else but my self for letting the bugger in, because it was I who let my guard down and opened the door for the sod.

Regretfully in the resulting carnage, l've lost all of my emails and all additions made to my email address book since 2010.

Yeah, yeah, I know! But like a clown I started keeping all email my back-ups on the same bleeding computer after a memory stick went down on me some time back, and my little visitor seems to have scrambled them. After several weeks of trying, I've given up trying to recover them now.

Luckily all of my tales of woe are synchronised every week or so across every damned computer I have here and an external USB drive, so they all escaped.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of folks wont like Tempus Frangit, but I really enjoyed writing the bugger. And to be honest, that's the most important thing to me, having fun with my writing. If some of you folks enjoy reading it, then so much the better.