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These are the voyages.

August 24, 2013
Posted at 9:38 pm

Hi guys!
Well Chapter 3 has been posted.
I don't know how many people are actually reading these blog entries but it strikes me tat this would be a good place (as any) to make some commentary on the story as it unfolds.
In introduced in the chapter we have have the Characters Of Marcus Hyde and Blaine Lucas, I wont go in to a lot of details on them as they are covered in later chapters.
I did want to however take a moment mention the character of Captain Felix Bernard.
He is a minor player to be sure but i think its fun some times to know where an author draws his sources from.
It hints at it readily in the chapter itself.
However for those that didn't catch the reference, Felix Bernard is based upon Patrick Steward.
A man with an impressive aura to be sure.
other than that, as i said in a previous post that real difficulties in writing this chapter lay in making the two way radio contact between Bernard and the various members of his crew believable.
Hopefully ive accomplished my task.
other than that? i cant think of a thing that would be worth adding.
next time i guess. Im back to editing!