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Saying Stay Ch. 5

August 21, 2013
Posted at 9:33 pm

This was the Simon chapter or, as I previously described it, the chapter where things get really gay. Like the BDSM in chapter 3 (and in Sunday & Monday), this is me trying to write something that isn't in my sexual wheelhouse but perhaps could be. As such I'm not sure if the sex is really convincing, but hopefully I at least got the mechanics right.

The other issue I tried to address in this chapter was how having sex with Simon affected Mike's identity. This is something that doesn't get a lot of play in gay and lesbian stories, and I think it should. Maybe in a perfect world deciding to suck another dude's dick wouldn't change anything meaningful about the way you identify yourself, but in our world homosexual acts or the lack thereof seem to be central to the identities of many men. (Of course, queer identities and lifestyles can be incredibly useful for challenging heteronormativity, so I'm not advocating a naive "Why can't we all be people, man" approach either. But if being just people works for you, go ahead.) This kind of ties into Mike's broader search for purpose and identity, which has been running through the whole story.

Anyway, hopefully I didn't turn off all my audience with this chapter. I know that SOL and Literotica are populated primarily by straight guys, but I think the Saying Stay's commitment to a kind of pansexuality demanded that our erstwhile protagonist not rule out half the population. And I also wanted to disrupt the erotica status quo where all men are straight and all women are bi. Why demand things from our female characters that we aren't willing to see in our male ones?

Next in the docket is a fantasy/erotic horror idea I've had for a while. Progress has been slow, and grad school is gonna cut into my time once again, but it will be out as soon as I can manage.