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And 14 Hours Later....

August 17, 2013
Posted at 8:48 pm

Well, in the just about 14 hours since I posted my previous blog entry, I have gotten seven responses, all of them mostly positive except for one.

The one negative one is, of course, the only one that was sent anonymously.

You got all of them. Every right wing touchstone.
You obviously don't know what "-obamacare" does.
It rationalizes health care. We are already paying
for the indigent with $120 asperin at the
hospital. Obama simply removes the "hiding" you
seem to want a pony

And he's right. I don't know what Obamacare does. Congress, who passed the bill, and the President, who signed the bill into law, don't seem to know what Obamacare does. Nobody knows what Obamacare does or will do. That's why Obama keeps breaking the law by delaying putting pieces of it into effect.

As for "rationalizing" health care. First off, I don't want my health care rationed. And second, I don't want the federal government - Gotta remember, The United States Federal government has come up with some real zingers in the past... Social Security, which is now broke, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who are partially responsible for the depression we are supposedly now recovering from, and the present state of the US Post office. - NO! I do NOT want elected officials, or appointed bureaucrats, making health care decisions for me or my loved ones.

If someone is going to kill me and my loved ones, damn it, it's going to be me!! :) That was a joke for those who have no sense of humor.