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Judy and Her Itsy Bitsy Bikini - Episode 1

August 13, 2013
Posted at 7:49 pm

I'm not sure when I first joined SOL but it has been a long time. For many years I just read the tales of others, enjoying their efforts. It was nearly five years ago when I decided to try my hand at it, you know, posting stories.
Never having done that before, the process seemed a little daunting. Over the years I've written a few stories solely for my own enjoyment but not published them anywhere. My favorites were fairly long and I'd guess they'd match up with ones which were way over 500 pages long.
But I didn't have anything I felt I could enter on SOL. That's when Judy came to mind and I flavored her story with her Itsy Bitsy Bikini. That's how this episode, number 1, came about in November of 2009.
I guess you could say, I originally wrote about Judy as a lark just to see how to post a story. I just started typing and Steve and Judy were revealed to me. Then came the challenge, post it to SOL. I laugh now because it took me five tries to upload it before it took and became my first posting here on SOL.
Ultimately, this real short story about Steve and Judy was joined with three additional ones, expanding the original theme and the addition of another few characters.
I will admit I haven't looked over the series of these four stories in a long time. Recently a reader suggested I should edit them and get myself a 'Spell Checker'. I had to laugh to myself about that one as when I wrote the stories, it was three computers ago and I used 'Word Perfect', sans a spelling program.
Anyway, I just finished going over the four stories and have posted the redone Episode 1 here on SOL. The text is changed a little but most of what remains is the original writing and theme.
Although Judy and her Itsy Bitsy Bikini, Episode 1, was written in the first person. The other three stories were written in the third person. So, I've changed it to match the others.
I hope you'll enjoy the enhancement and changes I've made to Episode 1 and look for the other 3 parts as I release them over the next few days.