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Lay Your Hands On Me

August 13, 2013
Posted at 7:06 am

Chapter 5 of Summer of '89 has been submitted for posting. This time we focus on a girl his own age, Cindy King and his first date with her. This chapter surprised me a bit with the way the two bantered about, and I thought about changing it for a more normal fifteen year old dialogue. But I've always liked shows where everyone says smart things, even if their motivations aren't complex.

They aren't here either. Cindy is curious about Brian, and Brian wants to get laid. Nothing complicated about that at all.

I got an anonymous comment which -- I think -- was taking me to task for expressing morality and then writing a story which was contrary to that morality. Namely, when I had Brian say that he didn't condone what Mrs. Cooke had done (basically seducing an underage boy). And of course that's mostly what this story is about.

I'm of a few minds about that -- I do mostly agree it's wrong, but I also think Brian's overall story and arc is interesting, and this is where it begins. In my over 20 years of writing erotica, I've never published any with underage sex (or even finish any other works). I probably won't do it very often -- it's the story that gets me and what happens that I care about.

The other thing is that, while Brian and I do agree about that one point, don't confuse the morality of the character with that of the author. Brian's ethic, which I'm slowly developing is pretty against my own. He's still fun to write about and fantasize about though: the stories are interesting and the sex is hot.

That's what erotica is for. It's also for things that we wouldn't ever actually do. Written words harm no one in their construction, and it gives a chance to explore darker (and more erotic) parts of our lives.

And that's what keeps me coming back to write more.