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Update on Enter the Darkness

August 6, 2013
Posted at 4:29 pm

A quick update on how things are progressing on Enter the Darkness. Chapter 18 is finish, I think. Unfortunately, I have, for the time being, decided to break the next few sequences up into two chapters rather than cram them all into one super-long chapter. Since that is the case, I will hold off on posting 18 until 19 is completed. I am hoping that will be soon (as in the next week or so).

As for the e-mails I have been getting regarding Future Distorted and other languishing, in progress stories, I will be getting back to them once Enter the Darkness is finished, barring any anvil-related meddling by my Muse. Just bear with me on this, EtD is almost over!

That is all for now.