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August 6, 2013
Posted at 3:37 pm

So I am back and I did work on I'm a what? unfortunately I go stumped, and really did not like the way it went so I started over at 4 again. Good news is I just sent it to my editor Bachgen. So as soon as I get it back I will post it. Chapter 5 is halfway written. As for Vampire<not a final name more a description> or Recycling I have not moved forward on them other than outlines. My Blood sugar is still high but is lower than it was, I can manage to keep it below 300 now. I know those of you who understand blood sugar know that is still not good, but it was better than pegging 700 which I did in mid may. Scary when the doctors eyes bulge out. Dont really understand how I never went into a coma but I am still here, probably to ruin someones day. Anyways I am off to work a driving job, granted it is only pizzas right now, but I hope to get back on the road again. Anyways, I hope everyone has a good afternoon, and have a great hump day tomorrow. Later