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Cuckolder, Chapter 2

July 25, 2013
Posted at 6:48 pm

Submitted Cuckolder Chapter 2, "Her Husband's Protest".

THis is probably where I lose some people, but MM has been in the codes since the beginning, and for me the idea of cuckoldry is often about humiliating the husband as well. The Cuckolder is more complicated than that, but when he realizes that both of them are submissive to him, it opens up more possibilities.

Unfortunately, this is the last piece of the Cuckolder which is completed. I'm still plotting the rest, but in the process, I realized I wanted to tell a more complex story, and went back to his origins.

Next week I'll start posting that, with "Summer of '89" which is 25K words long, and has ten parts. It's also something I think most of the people of SoL will like.