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Rebecca starts to act Erotic.

July 24, 2013
Posted at 10:54 am

My first chapter of my first story got criticism because I did not have enough sex in it. It was a valid criticism because I was afraid to express my inner sexual fantasies in a story. But I had to admit it is after all, Fiction, so it doesn't mean I am a bad girl. At least, I hope not. So, chapter 2 has a scene where Rebecca loses her virginity to a ghostly apparition that seems very much like a heavily muscled Gladiator in one of the tile murals in the hidden basement chamber. She makes a new friend in the Assistant Director, Allison Chambers, an attractive well-dressed woman in her mid-thirties. She gets the vibe that Allison would like to do more than just have an "intelligent conversation" with her. Then, in the closing scene of Chapter 2, she breaks down and gives her buddy, Rudy, a helping hand in the shower just to reward him for his frustrated patience with her reluctance to spread her legs. Chapter 3 will further explore the relationship with the Assistant Director Allison and she has another midnight visit from the ghostly Gladiator.