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The Cuckolder

July 23, 2013
Posted at 7:05 pm

Not everything I write feels like it fits here, but the Cuckolder does. There are definitely parts that might bother some people, but I think the overall idea is good. He's a dominant man who only has sex with people in a committed relationship. Probably mostly women, but that's not a requirement for him. The committed part, however, is.

I've got two storylines going for him: a "present day" storyline which has a few pieces, and is incomplete, and a sort of origin story, which is a trilogy, the first part of which is complete. I'm going to start posting his stories on Tuesdays and Fridays going forward until what is written is all posted. By then there may be more, or I'll switch to one of my other series that I think the folks at SoL will like.

Feedback is always welcome, good or bad. Some of my favorite stories have had the worst feedback, and it still makes me glad to get it, even so.