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My First Story

July 23, 2013
Posted at 5:00 am

I am so happy to see my first story in print. I had some criticism about two factors. I found it to be very perceptive criticism. The first was that I had muddled up the whole "Vestal Virgin" thing and used the wrong god, etc. and that the temple was in an entirely different place. My only excuse is that the whole scenario is just a fictional account of imagination and not historical fact. I was just having a bit of fun not doing research. But, admittedly, the criticism was well-founded. The second criticism was that I did not have enough sex in the story. I guess some peoples capacity for sex is greater than others. I know I was lacking in this area but my husband read the draft and I was being a bit guarded for fear of losing his much needed support. I hope to add more juicy parts soon and branch out into different Gothic Horror stories. I am not a "erotica" person but I do like a good tumble. My favorite genre in that area is anything to do with spanking. I have tried to encourage my hubby in that activity but he seems far too reticent to participate. I must admit it is a real "turn-on" for me and I will try to incorporate some narrative into future stories. Thank you to all readers who read my story. Talk to you later. AW