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Another New (Short) Enter the Darkness Chapter

July 19, 2013
Posted at 2:02 am

As promised last time, the new Enter the Darkness chapter that I just submitted for your reading pleasure was short. The reason it took so long to write it, however, was a minor case of writer's block. I would sit in front of the computer bouncing from open project to open project, not feeling any kind of just-fucking-write-it! vibe. This chapter was short and somewhat to the point, simply being a lead-up chapter to the finale. My best guess is there are only two chapters left of EtD. I have already begun writing Chapter 18, but I won't estimate when it will be ready because I am pretty sure it will be quite a bit longer than Chapter 17. Unless, of course, I irritate those of you following this story by breaking the chapter in two. However, should I decide to do that, I will probably hold off posting 18 until 19 is finished so I don't find a mob outside my house brandishing pitchforks and torches.

As for future plans, I reiterate my intention to wrap up EtD before doing anything else, Muse-related anvils to the head notwithstanding. After EtD is wrapped up I will probably try to get back to Future Distorted, as the next chapter of that is half written. Other candidates for next posting after EtD is done are the next chapter of Anomaly of the Fates, an attempt to finish The Death of Love in Morristown (though that one is lacking inspiration, which is why it is marked inactive), and an Am'mortal story I started but have not gotten around to finishing. It all probably depends on my Muse and whether or not she feels like being helpful.

That is all for now. Look for Chapter 17 of Enter the Darkness sometime later today or very early tomorrow and as always, feel free to send constructive criticism. I greatly appreciate all the feedback I get from those of you who send it.