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My 7th story is ready

July 9, 2013
Posted at 4:48 pm
Updated: July 9, 2013 - 5:27 pm

I am ready with my 7th story. My helper edited the all chapters well. I have recently united the chapters and my helper is rereading the all story for end edition. This story is the favorit of the my all stories. StangStar06's story "Forever Gone, Forever You" and Papatoad's story "The Dental Genes" show well in humorous form the true paternity does not regard to DNA. I will go even farer in my story.....The story is a true Romantic Revenge story (RRS)and naturaly there will be ANR in it (as I write in my all stories). The title is "Skeleton From The Cupboard: Sarah and Frank". I hope my readers will like Sarah and Frank, because I liked them very much when I wrote the story. The story second title is "Pamina, Sarastro and The Queen of The Night". Who like and know Operas, those readers recognize Mozart "The Magic Flute" opera's three characters. Yes, I confess a writting methods, I did not write my story from the first chapter step by step. I wrote some inner chapters later,after the first and lattest chapters, so I discovered my story has a far relativity to Mozart fantastic (and my most favorit) opera "The Magic Flute". I hope, who knows this Mozart Opera, those readers will understand this far relativity. I give a little help Sarastro's second central aria and the Queen Of The Night's second aria are the key points.
I began to think of the 8th story's structure, naturally this story will be revenge story with ANR again........