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July 4, 2013
Posted at 11:40 pm

Yes, I do have 15 chapters of Flight of the Code Monkey finished and I am working on more. To what ever point a writer ever finishes a chapter.

However, those chapter have not been sent to my proofreader. He now has chapter 5 and will get it back to me in his good time. But that has been rather quick.

The thing that is nice about being so far ahead is that it allows time for me to go back to unposted chapters when something comes up that needs foreshadowing, or when a reader points out the misuse of ordinance when I met ordnance. I can go back and tinker and fix things. If any of you have gone back to previouly posted chapters, you will see the update time tags might advance as I fix things I missed. When this book is done, you might want to reread it after a bit of time has passed. It will flow better.

I also know that presently in the US military, you address a woman officer as Ma'am, but there have been about 390 years or so between now and the flight of this Code Monkey. Polictical tides have been moving back and forth across the sea of humanity as we spread out into the stars. Not all of those agendas are going to be seen as progressive by those not holding similar views.

Explanations abound in the coming chapters.

So, yes untimely.xxxx, I will be teasing all of you with a new posted chapter every week or so.